The Joys of Contouring

Those who have commissioned my help in the realm of cosmetics know I use a grey eyeshadow for contouring the face. Nothing against those who use bronzer or varying shades of foundation, heck, I’ve done both.

The thing is, shadows are grey, not brown. When done properly, the grey looks more realistic and the cheekbones are more pronounced. The trick is finding the best shade to work with your skin tone.

Sadly, I can’t help you with that trough the interwebs, but I have found something that might make it easier. Something that I should have looked at more closely when it first appeared on the market. It’s made my life much easier and hopefully it will help you too.

What is this magical product I speak of? Smashbox’s Step-By-Step Contour Kit.

Yes, it’s pricy, but isn’t the trial and error of buying color after color to find the ‘right one’ just as pricy? As always I suggest you hit Sephora, Ulta or any other Smashbox retailer in your area to try it out. Have a sales associate apply the product, walk around a while, check the color in different lighting, both inside and out before you buy.

There are several reasons I like this palette.

1) It’s matte!

2) The bronzer isn’t too cool or too warm toned.

3) The highlighter isn’t overly pale and doesn’t have shimmer, sparkles, glitter or other things to emphasize the pores and fine lines. (See number 1)

4) The size is great for travel.

5) It can double as eye shadow. You know me and my love of multitasking products. (See number 4)

6) It comes with a small travel sized brush. Some people don’t like it, but I find it useable. (See number 4)

7) And the best part is the contour color. Yes, it’s ‘brown’ but it’s a grey-brown. You’re getting the best of both worlds. The safety-net of brown mixed with the grey of true shadowing. A win, win, if you as me.

I haven’t abandoned my grey eyeshadow, I keep it for when I need that little extra something, like a photo shoot. On an everyday basis, I find myself grabbing this little beauty, or my Inglot contouring powders.

See the palette in action.