What is the Fey Creations series about?

In a nutshell, the series is about a middle-aged hairstylist, who is sucked into a world of supernatural intrigue.

Where can I find paperback copies of the Fey Creations series?

You can order them from any bookstore and Prairieland Herbs usually has a few, or you can track me down at an event, I’ll sign it for you.

What does A.R. stand for?

If you ask The Breadwinner – Always Right.

If you ask my friends  – Anal Retentive.

Are you really a licensed cosmetologist?

Yes. I don’t practice in a salon, but I keep my license up and do a bit of freelance on occasion.

Where in Iowa do you live?

In the Des Moines area.

Can I meet you?

Sure! Here are some scheduled places you can find me. If you recognize me, on one of the few occasions I venture into public, don’t be shy, come up and introduce yourself.

Are any of the Fey Creations characters based on people you know?

Yes and no. I’m a people watcher, I take note of actions and reactions, filing them away. The characters in the Fey Creations series are a conglomeration of those traits.

Is The Meadows a real place? Do any of the businesses really exist?

Two places, Udder Cravings and Witchy Weeds, are based on real businesses, Picket Fence Creamery and Prairieland Herbs. They are fantastic places that I enjoy making the drive to visit and had to incorporate them somehow. Fey Creations salon is made up, but the building that inspired it does exist. The Meadows came about when I was searching out the address for Prairieland, which brings me to the Enchant Containment Unit. Of course it doesn’t exist, but the State Hospital does and at one time it was called The Meadows. The name stuck in my head, like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. No matter how hard I tried to ‘pick’ another name for my fictional city, it kept creeping back in, my fingers wouldn’t even type another name.

Why are your readers named Miller’s Meadowlarks?

We held a naming contest for the Facebook reader’s group and Meadowlarks won. It comes from the name of the town the stories take place in, The Meadows.

Where do you get your ideas?

The Idea Faery emails them….

In reality, ideas are all around you. I just chose to look at the world through warped lenses, twisting the things I see into fantasy.