Disenchanted Book 1


Keely Fey’s ability to regenerate hair helped catapult her salon to the top. After years of struggle she finally feels like she’s in control. Even being middle-age doesn’t bother her as much as she thought it would.

Life is great, but can change faster than style trends.

Her Talents begin evolving, so instead of a midlife crisis, she’s reliving adolescence. A childhood friend reappears, proving he was anything but imaginary. And her salon has become a personal shopping ground for a Talent stealing psycho.

As her life tumbles into chaos the authorities decide it’s no coincidence recent victims of The Collector were clients of Fey Creations.


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Unenchanted Book 2


Hairstylist Keely Fey’s Talents have taken her down a dark path, one leading to the Enchant Containment Unit. The last place any Enchant wants to be, but crime and punishment go hand in hand.

Keely’s not thrilled at the thought of spending the rest of her life in prison, but fair is fair, right? She did play judge, jury, and executioner for The Collector. And with the luck she’s been having, things could get worse. The powers that be could scream for her head.

When she’s offered a reprieve, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Her freedom comes with conditions, a killer necklace and a new roommate. Every girl likes jewelry, right? And the new roomie is tall, dark and handsome. What’s not to like?

When it’s death by collar, if she uses her Talents, and a roommate that would rather see her dead? All of the above.


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Re-enchanted Book 3


Since Var Royd introduced himself into Keely Fey’s life nothing is cut and dried. Salon gossip and satisfied clients are a thing of the past. Secrets, deception and the power hungry are the new normal.

While Var attempts to woo her into taking the position of his Shadow, the goddess Hel has other plans. Plans she keeps to herself behind claims of assistance, but trusting a goddess of death doesn’t come easy. Especially, with an elusive favor she refuses to name hanging in the balance. When her threats of unleashing Vereinen fail, Stasia Athory offers up a chance at freedom. But when the currency is blood and the probability of Keely, Teiran, or both ending up dead, the trade doesn’t seem fair.

Become the Lord’s Shadow, put her trust in the goddess of death, or be the secret component in an anti-wrinkle cream. Keely wants the collar off, but with alternatives like these is she trading one shackle for another?


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Keely Fey

Shadow Play Book 4

Keely Fey’s first assignment, as the Lord’s Shadow, is to spy on Var Royd’s nemesis, Haydn Koehler. She must use her Talents, but with access to Vereinen—the only other schattenkind—denied, and no one with the knowledge to teach her, the mission seems doomed to fail.

A chance meeting with a stranger changes everything. Mr. Mortonson, a student of history and member of the Ahnenerbe Society, claims to be an authority on the schattenkind.

Does Mort have the information needed to complete her assignment and find Vereinen? Or is he another player in the game to control Keely and her Talents?


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