Author Swag, Take It Or Leave It?

Swag, the little things writers come up with to promote their books. They’re fun, but what happens to them? Do readers put them, like cherished items, in a keepsake box? Do they end up in the junk drawer? We all have ‘that’ drawer, you know the one with things we’ll never use, but can’t throw away. Or do they toss them in the trash?

I love things that are useful, like bookmarks. Sure, they don’t mean much to those who read exclusively on electronic devices, but to those who still read actual books they are indispensable. If I’m reading something for research I’ll end up with multiples in one book. And as a writer, they can act as business cards in a pinch.

In the back of my addled brain, there’s always been a desire to have one of those cute little trinkets to give my readers. Yes, I have the signature scent, Enchanted, created by Prairieland Herbs, but that doesn’t always work. My male readers, unless they have a girlfriend or wife, couldn’t care less and it’s a bit pricy to just give away and bulky to keep on hand.

My dilemma is finding something to fit the hairstylist theme of the series. I could get imprinted combs, but that just seems boring. I want something a little more fun, a little more memorable. With a little digging I think I’ve found the perfect thing. I’m not going to reveal it here, that wouldn’t fit with my cliffhanger modus operandi. All will be revealed at the first event of the season. So if you’re curious, and in the central Iowa region, stop by the Ankeny Authors Fair in April.

How do you feel about author swag? If you’re an author, what have you used? If you’re a recipient, what do you do with it?