I’m kicking off this new blog category with something I’m crazy about, Marsala. No, not the wine—though I wouldn’t turn down a glass or two—the new Pantone color of the year.

Those of you who know me, know I love red. Heck, even those of you who don’t can’t be oblivious to the fact. Take a look at my book covers or my website, it’s pretty obvious. So you can imagine my excitement when Pantone announced the 2015 color of the year.

Marsala is an earthy red-brown shade stretching to interpretations of wine-red and burgundy. I’ve heard it referred to as muddy or dull, more in tune with autumn than the upcoming spring. To me it’s a rich, elegant color, a bold neutral and very flattering to most complexions. And why not wear shades of red in spring and summer? Flowers do it all the time.

It’s also been said this reddish-brown shade is a throwback to the 1990’s, but in reality the 90’s renewed it from the late 60’s, early 70’s. Yes, everything comes back around, what changes is how the fashion world reinterprets the trend.

Speaking of trends, I don’t usually fall into the ‘must follow’ category. I wear what I want, when I want. That said, I’ll be wholeheartedly embracing this color, especially since I already own items in this shade and its variations.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more posts about Marsala and suggestions on how incorporate it into your makeup bag.

Suggestions, requests and questions are always welcome, whether it be on this color or another beauty related topic.