Recent Reads

Reading is an important part of my job as a writer, thankfully I love to read. It’s a big reason I started writing. I wanted to do what so many writers did for me, entertain someone. As you all remind me, I write slow, so here are some books to tide you over.

I just finished Aaron Bunce’s Within, you can read my review on goodreads. Within is an epic fantasy that touches on the boarders of dark fantasy or horror. You get multiple viewpoints, adventure and tons of action.

Another epic fantasy I recently finished is The Mage Chronicles by R.J. Eliason, again you can find my review on goodreads. This one is a little different, you have one viewpoint for most of the story, but there are a couple of scenes from other characters and even a touch of romance.

For those of you not into epic fantasy, I’ve got a treat for you, Traveler by Dennis W. Green. You can read my thoughts on goodreads. Traveler is categorized as science fiction, but it’s not your typical alien, techie read. Those of you who enjoy contemporary/urban fantasy and mysteries will enjoy this fast paced romp.

To be fair, I know these wonderful writers well enough to call them friends. That said, I would never recommend a book I didn’t enjoy.

What are all of you reading? I can always use a new book to add to my pile.