The Scariest Holiday Of The Season

It’s coming. Tomorrow is the scariest holiday of the season, Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, I see it, you’re all looking at me like I’m crazy. Halloween is the scariest holiday of the season, you argue. I beg to differ, Halloween is a celebration of the imagination and only as scary as you make it. Valentine’s, on the other hand is a scary-ass holiday.

Think about it, what other holiday revels in the color of blood? What other holiday offers up hearts as a sacrifice and not just any ol’ heart, your heart? You rip them out and hand them over to someone else. Screams sacrifice to me. Sometimes that heart is deemed worthy, other times, you’ve made the sacrifice in vein—yes, pun intended.

I’m long past the age where hearts and flowers are worthy sacrifices, chocolate on the other hand…

All kidding aside, whether you and your sweetie are curling up to watch a chick flick or My Bloody Valentine, I hope your sacrifice is deemed worthy.