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This weekend posts are brought to you courtesy of ICON 40. I will be a panelist or moderator on several panels throughout the weekend. A couple of those panels are related to blogging and I wanted to create a quick reference post for others to use after the event.

ICON, a Mindbridge Foundation Project, is Iowa’s longest-running, fan organized science fiction and fantasy convention. Each convention features authors, artists, panels and workshops, parties, an art show, dealers room and more!

ICON 40 is being hosted at the DoubleTree Hotel and Convention Center in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year’s guest of honor include David Gerrold, Sarah Clemens, Ann Leckie, Kalli McCandless and Jim C. Hines.

Can I Use That? | Blogging Tips & Tricks

Panelists: Rachel Eliason, Michael Koogler, A.R. Miller, Terri M. LeBlanc

Panel Description: Learn how to go about finding and using images for your website, blog, or book cover.

Things to be aware of when using photos from the web

Copyrighted vs. Copyright free vs. Royalty free vs. Public Domain

When in doubt don’t use it, or ask legal advice. Some photographers will allow you to use their art if you ask, the conditions will vary, such as payment.

Where Do You Find Your Images?

You can also hire a photographer, but this entails extra cost. Remember to consider everything from the models to costuming to setting.

How Do You Edit Your Photos?

When it comes to using the items as book covers you’ll want to use templates for the design. You can purchase templates from a variety of online sources, build your own, or use CreateSpace’s free templates.

When in doubt, hire a cover artist. Check out 99 designs. It’s a great source for finding cover artists.

Other Great Resources and Articles

Resources and text compiled as a joint effort by Rachel Eliason, Michael Koogler, A.R. Miller, Terri M. LeBlanc.

About the Panelists

About A.R. Miller

A.R. Miller’s contemporary fantasy series, Fey Creations, has been compared to potato chips. ‘Absolutely no nutritional value, but fun to eat and highly addictive.’ A great complement considering potato chips are in the top five of her favorite foods and she strives to do nothing but entertain with her writing. The series revolves around stylist, Keely Fey, the secrets of her heritage and suppressed magical Talents. A.R. lives in Central Iowa with an accommodating husband and their feline companion. When not testing the patience of readers with cliffhanger endings, you might find her wielding a makeup brush or curling iron as a freelance stylist. The next installment of the Fey Creations series is scheduled for later this year.

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About Michael Koogler

Michael Koogler was born in Dayton, Ohio and resides today in Coralville, Iowa with his wife and children. He is an avid reader of fiction, enjoying the talents of numerous independent authors right along with some of his favorite legends like Stephen King, Terry Brooks, and RA Salvatore.

His first full-length novel released in 2012, beginning his career as a published author. Hade’s Gambit was co-written with fellow authors Jed Peterson and Jaren Riley and the follow-up novel, The Rise of Cain, was released Fall of 2013. He also has an appearance in the paranormal anthology entitled Sadistic Shorts, as well as another short story in the 2015-released horror anthology, Never Fear.

2015 has been busy, seeing the release the sci-fi horror Antivirus, as well as an epic fantasy entitled Convergence, the first novel in a 4-book journey called the Earth War Saga. On September 4th, Kingmaker, an apocalyptic thriller hit the shelves. And still to come is a short and terrifying horror story about the fear of clowns appearing in the Halloween release of Never Fear: Phobias. The 4th quarter of 2015 will also see Mirror, the second story in the Earth War Saga and Risen, continuing the Seals of Krypteia storyline. 2016 holds much promise, too, including the continuation of both of those series, as well as a stand-alone sci-fi novel called The Souls of Mars and the much anticipated Antivirus 2.

He continues to balance his time between work, family, and penning additional future best sellers.

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About Rachel Eliason

R. J. Eliason is the science fiction/fantasy pen name for Rachel Eliason. She has always been a lover of good books with diverse characters and lush world building. She enjoys reading and writing stories in the fantasy and science fiction genre.

In her mundane life, Rachel is a forty something transgender woman in the Midwest. She works as a nurse in an acute mental health ward.

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About Terri M., the Director

By day, Terri M. LeBlanc is a project manager and software specialist. By night, she’s a reading wizard. Residing in eastern Iowa, in her spare time, she spends time with Jezebel, takes pictures and watches movies with her equally nerdy husband and adorable cats.

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