What’s Goin’ On

I spent last Saturday in the lovely town of Clear Lake, Iowa. There was so much talent in one room, it was almost overwhelming. And readers, what a rush! A seemingly never-ending line out the door. Gotta love people who love books.

BF Bookies, Micki, Lori and Rachel, and a lovely group of volunteers, did a helluva job organizing the North Iowa Author Event. I would gladly return, if they do it again next year.

Next up on the appearance schedule is the To Be Read Podcast, hosted by Patrick Stemp, Jamie Maltman, and Michael La Ronn. If you’re not watching or listening to this show, you should be. As the the name suggests, they chat about books. Because of these guys, my own TBR pile has grown, including books by the hosts.

I met Michael at the Ankeny Author Fair—I told you he was a writer, right?—where I turned into fangirl before he could even introduce himself. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t turn tail and run, instead he graciously asked me to join them on the show.

I know what you’re thinking—I was thinking the same thing—he was just being nice, you’ll never hear from him again. Wrong. The next day a note popped up in my inbox, confirming my interest in coming on the show. I was ecstatic and then terrified.

I’ve never done a podcast, and this is a live feed with video. It’s not like I don’t have the equipment, living with the Breadwinner has many perks. It’s more along the lines of my normal fear of making an ass out of myself. There are two choices in this category. Verbal diarrhea, where my filters are completely gone and I ramble about everything and nothing. And verbal constipation, where I sit there silently with my mouth gaping like a fish.

You’ll have to tune in on April 28th at 7:00pm central to find out which one. Watch live on YouTube, if you dare.