Zombiefied Skin Update

A quick update on the state of my zombie affliction. I hate talking about this crap, but you deserve an explanation of why the production of book four is delayed.

Methotrexate is not for pussies, which apparently I am. I can’t even say it helped the psoriasis, after two doses the doctor took it away. Not that I’m complaining, I was miserable, and as it turned out it was affecting my liver.

Next we tried Humira, another fail. I made it through three treatments before the doctor said stop. Not only was it not helping, it made the condition worse. The pain I experienced was compatible to the Methotrexate. All over body pain, not just the normal aches of fibromyalgia.

We’re in the process of getting me cleared to try Stelara. Gotta love the hoops you have to jump through, damn bureaucracy. Until I get the all clear, it’s back to the creams and ointments to keep the psoriasis under control.

I know none of this is an excuse for not getting book four ready for your consumption. It’s my job to get the book out, but I hope you understand. I want to get it into your hands as soon as possible, but I also want to give you the best product possible. With my brain in a fog of pain and flat out illness due to the meds, it’s difficult. I thank you for bearing with me on this journey.