Iowa Author Events

Last Saturday, I attended the Ankeny Author Fair. What a blast! Lots of people, lots of energy. Old friends and new reads stretched out before me and I got to meet some incredibly enthusiastic readers. If you want to see a recap in pictures, check out Malynda McCarrick’s post.

Number one thing blurted out? You’re the scissor lady!

By now you’ve all seen the profile picture, the one with me holding the shears. Never in a million years, did I think it would create so much chatter. I’m not complaining, it was a great icebreaker. Let’s hope it holds true this weekend at the North Iowa’s Author Event.

The North Iowa’s Author Event is a new endeavor created by the BF Bookies, a trio of fabulous ladies. Lori, Micki and Rachel have worked their fingers to the bone to make this event possible. They’ve managed to wrangle twenty-four authors—including Micki and Rachel—together in one place. Not an easy feat, kind of like herding cats.

I’m excited to see a few of the members of my—affectionately dubbed—East Side Gang, Aaron Bunce, Jed Q. Peterson and Adam J. Whitlatch. Fellow Saturday Writer, Cheryl Corbin will be there and the lucky Tamara Jones is hitching a ride with me. Feel pity for this woman, lots of pity. None of you would want to be trapped in a small space with me for that long. You may see tweets about her harrowing escape.

On top of all that awesome are the new writers and readers I’ll be meeting.

Lori, Micki and Rachel have put together goodie bags for the first 100 attendees—make sure to get there early—and there will be door prizes!

North Iowa Author's Event Door Prize

The winner of this little beauty receives:

Keely’s favorite MAC lipstick, Viva Glam I
Enchanted solid perfume and body spray (an exclusive scent created by Prairieland Herbs for the Fey Creations series)
Shears charm

I hope you’re one of the many who will be joining us at the North Iowa’s Author Event on Saturday!