NIBB Is Almost Here!

Just a friendly reminder, North Iowa Book Bash 2017 is THIS Saturday, as in April, 8th!

As usual with signings, my books will be discounted. The newly formatted, mass-market paperbacks are just $8.00 each, this includes tax.

If you buy three or more books, you’ll get the Enchanted Gift set! The perfume and body spray set created by Prairieland Herbs, a.k.a. Witchy Weeds, and a few extras. These sets are limited, so if you want one, hit my table early!

If I look at you cross-eyed, don’t take offense. I’ve been hunched over, staring through a lighted magnifier, gluing tiny gemstones onto the shears charms. So, yeah, I’ll have some of the ever popular charms.

And books, I’ll have books…


Looking forward to seeing all my Grown-Ass Beauties on Saturday!