North Iowa Book Bash 2016

me nibb2016

 I promised you the skinny on North Iowa Book Bash 2016. I also promised to get it up in a timely manner, well, timely for me.
There is nothing I can say about the BFBookies that hasn’t already been said. Lori, Rachel, and Micki are AWESOME in every way possible and a few that aren’t. Those girls and their amazing team of volunteers pulled a rabbit out of the hat again this year.
My one sentence description of NNIBB2016 is “Iowa’s answer to RT.” Seriously, it was that good and I expect it to grow in the future. Hell, there were authors from all over the States and even Canada.
I even had my own appointed assistant for the convention. Christin drew the short straw and had to put up with my B.S. all day. Something I wouldn’t have done if I were in her shoes. Joking aside, it was nice to have someone checking in to see if you needed anything, or just stopping to chat when there was downtime. I would love to hire Christin on a permanent basis, maybe someday…
Cassie Leigh is a bundle of awesome wrapped in vintage style. Think I freaked her out a little with my creepy greeting of “Hey, tablemate,” while wiggling my brows. She got over it pretty fast as we discussed books with editor extraordinaire, Barbara Malmberg and blogging queen, Terri LeBlanc. I finally delivered on that promised cup of java, hope Terri enjoyed it as much as I did.
It’s with a heavy heart, I concede my run for President of the Sisterhood of the Potty Mouth to Elle Boon. That woman can drop Fbombs faster than I can open my mouth. Anyone who knows me, knows my mouth is rarely shut.
Muscle cars rule, especially, Mustangs! You already knew I’d say that, but bet you didn’t know there were two of us in the writing world with a love of classic ’Stangs. Terry Maggert rocked my world by chatting ’Stangs with me. He also writes urban fantasy, so double win.
The most of the usual suspects were there. Jed Quinn and Michael Koogler where sharing a table, of course, they love each other like brothers and argue like them too. Sweet Cheryl Corbin was at the table next to me, lucky her. Aaron Bunce collected more Bunce’s Bunnies, because he’s so darn cute. The incomparable Tammy Jones and her hot assistant, Bill, topped off our little writer’s family reunion.
With over fifty authors there it was difficult to chat with everyone. Thank the gods for the interwebs. I can connect with them in cyberspace, if not real space.
I said it once, I’ll say it again, the North Iowa Book Bash is Iowa’s answer to RT. I can’t wait until next year.


Terri of Second Run Reviews and fellow coffee lover.


Mustang Terry!


Tammy and her hot assistant.


Sweet Cheryl!



Hamming it up again, while Barb continues to pretend she doesn’t know me.









P.S. We loved Clear Lake so much, we brought home a souvenir.