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Things have been crazy in The Meadows, I mean really, crazy busy.

Some of you may have noticed a few changes around here, like new covers. With the upcoming release of Shadow Play, it was decided a few changes needed to be made. The paperbacks are now mass market, instead of trade sized, hence the new covers. The shears may not be on the new covers—they do make an appearance on Disenchanted, tiny but still there—but they haven’t been tossed to the side. Instead they’re utilized in the chapter headings—in the print version only—and there’s always the possibility they’ll show up on future covers.

Shadow Play is up for pre-order on Amazon, Ibooks, and Kobo. For those of you who get your ebooks from Barnes & Noble, well you’ll have to wait until release day to order. With any luck, the paperbacks will be out around the same time. Unless, of course, you intend on visiting me on September 17th at Read Between The Vines. I’m hoping to have a few with me, along with the others in their pretty new covers.

Ally Shields invited me to her coffee chat—you all know how much I love coffee—and the interview will be up on the 14th of this month. If you haven’t checked her out, now you have an excuse. She writes some amazing urban fantasy, elves, witches, the works!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially those of you in the States celebrating Labor Day! Picture me putting up a fence and laugh…