ICON 40 Schedule

It just hit me like perm fumes, the realization that ICON 40 is a week away. As Keely would say, Hel’s realm! How did time slip away from me?

Want to know where to find me? You can use SCHED to keep track of which panels I’m on and other things you’d like to see and do.

Here’s a brief rundown of my scheduled panels and other bits of the festivities I’m involved in:

Thursday, Oct. 15th at 6:30pm – Barnes & Noble Signing

Friday, Oct. 16th at 1:00pm – DreamConIII

Saturday, Oct. 17th:

10:00am – Author Meet & Greet

3:00pm – The Trials Of Writing A Strong (and good) Female Protagonist

5:00pm – Writing The Opposite Sex In Fiction

8:00pm – Can I Use That?

If you see me wandering around, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi. I don’t bite, at least not hard.