Event season is in full swing and I’ve got to admit, I’m loving it. There is nothing better—except writing—than getting the chance to hang with you. Sure, I can connect with you on the interwebs, but nothing beats meeting you in person. Your energy is infectious, whether it’s about books, the science fiction and fantasy community, or life in general.

Along with the familiar faces, who support me at almost every event, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with new, interesting people. An up and coming book blogger, whose enthusiasm for reading is off the charts. Those who don’t care for urban fantasy, but shared their love of all things science fiction and epic fantasy, expanding my to be read pile. A couple of gentlemen fascinated by the bodice shears depicted on the covers of Disenchanted and Unenchanted. Yes, these shears do exist; they’re in my writing space as inspiration. Others quizzed me about my knowledge of the beauty business and why I use it as the background for my stories. Fun, stimulating conversations!

Events also allow me to connect with other writers, some I’ve never met and others I’ve become close to over the years. Many of you probably think writers chat all the time. Not true. Most of us are busy in our own little worlds and don’t have time for a simple chat. But when we get together the weeks, months and even years fade away as if we spoke just yesterday. Another misconception is competition. I’m sure there are those who look at the business as being cut throat and the possibilities of other writers stealing their readers. Personally, I’m of the mind that there’s no reason for backbiting because readers decide what they want to read, not the writers. I’m lucky enough to be included in a community of writers—and a promoter—who share their knowledge and I try to return the favor.

Connections, that’s what events are all about and I wholeheartedly enjoy connecting with each and every one of you.