Short On Time, Long On Tasks

Things have been crazy. Crazy busy! There’s been a ton going on, including things I can’t talk about at present. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just not the right time. Once things are finalized, I’ll be chatting away about them.

Something I can talk about is my health. I’ve spoken about my psoriasis many times. So many times you’re probably sick of listening. Well, I’m gonna talk about it again, so scroll on by or click away if you’re not interested.

You all know I’d started UVB light therapy, added Acitretin, and then Enbrel. Well, turns out I had an allergic reaction to the Enbrel. A nasty, nasty rash that put the kibosh on my UVB treatments for a week. When I was cleared to return to the hot box, I got burned. Did it hurt? Hell’s yeah. I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down…I was a blistered, lobster red mess. So we waited until that cleared and tried again, lower the dose by a lot. And voilà, this time I was over cooked, but not fried. Still painful, but no blisters. So we’ve dropped the UVB for now, if I have a sever flair, we’ll give it another try. Right now it seems to be holding steady, with the Acitretin, buckets of Epson salt, and gallons of CeraVe. The Doc cut my dose of Acitretin in half, thank the heavens, it was drying me out. As for the other side effects, this sensitivity to light thing is driving me crazy, sunscreen and dark glasses at all times. I’m slowly turning from Zombie Girl into Vamp Girl.

Third time’s a charm on the tooth front, right? Since the first two tries didn’t work out, we went back to the original brand from my first two successful implants. The Doc thinks, it’s entirely possible my body rejected the newer version. If this one doesn’t take, I’ll just have another hole in my head. So far so good, it’s there, it feels solid. Some times change isn’t good…

On the writing side, well, I have to confess. I hadn’t written a new word until yesterday. With any luck, my momentum will pick up again, and Teiran will stop being a butt about me spilling the beans. Keely’s not as much of a problem, her words are what went down yesterday.

On the home front, it’s that time of year again…the holidays. We all know how I feel about holidays. I’ve got a list of sweets to get done for Turkey Day. Luckily, the Breadwinner will be making the pie. This chick can’t make pie to save her life, the only one that turns out is a cheater made with pudding and graham cracker crust. Or Boston cream pie, but that’s not really a pie. My task will be cookies, cookies, and FUDGE! Keep your fingers crossed it turns out, have never attempted it before.

Here’s wishing all that celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day. And if you don’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t be thankful for something, like maybe not having to make a boat load of cookies…