Makeover Mayhem

It’s been a while since I posted anything about hair and makeup. Not that I haven’t been inspired or had anything to chat about, I’ve just been busy with other things. Then this happened… *cue ominous music* I give you Makeover Mayhem!

Long story short, the Breadwinner received a promotion at work—he’s big time management now and I’m extremely proud of him and his achievements—but that wasn’t the only reason for the change.

I panicked a bit when he first started talking about changing it up. Any hairstylist would, cutting off that much hair is always stressful for us. What if they don’t like it? And when it’s someone you live with… well, it’s down right scary. Nothing like having a loved one hate you. On the other hand it’s extremely exciting. There’s a rush you get with making such a big change.

He’s had long hair for…pretty much as long as I’ve known him. I’ve only cut it off one other time, yes for another job that happened to coincide with our wedding. The biggest reason for the change was boredom. He was tied of the upkeep and didn’t want to be ‘that guy.’ You know the one, the middle-aged dude with the scraggly-ass, grey ponytail that does nothing for him. Not that the Breadwinner ever had to worry about the scraggly part, he has enough hair for three people. And I don’t have a problem with grey ponies. But he was bored and I can’t blame him. Taking care of long hair is a lot of work and variety is the spice of life, right? And it’s not like hair doesn’t grow, if he decides to go back.

I had my second panic attack when he said, wanted a George Clooney cut. Seriously, the first thing that came to mind was that damn Caesar cut. I even talked it over with my stylist, Renea, and that was her first thought too. Luckily, he knows his hair type and texture, and was wise enough to find pictures for me that would work. Not the Caesar, thank the stars! Clooney’s hair has a lot of body and curl and the pictures the Breadwinner picked worked out wonderfully. And the ‘touch’ of grey they both share doesn’t hurt either.

The actual cutting took me an hour and a half! Going from waist length to above the collar is a LOT of work. And I’m a big one for cutting the hair to fit the hair type and how it lays on the head. The Breadwinner even commented that this was going to be more work for me in the future. Umm, yeah. We’ll be going from trimming the ends, the neckline, and sideburns to the full shebang every four to six weeks. I think I’m going to have to sharpen my shears, or bite the bullet and get a new set.

And before you ask, no, I didn’t use THE shears…

Without further rambling, here are some before and after shots from Makeover Mayhem!

Wanna see ’em full-size? Click on the individual image.