Spicy writing by a sweet gal.

Micki Fredricks

Writer of haunting paranormal romances.

Cassie Leigh

A mysterious dude, who writes thrilling mysteries.

Erik Therme

Tambo slaughters people on the page and hugs them in person.

Tamara Jones

Radio personality, writer of urban sci-fi and all around good egg.

Dennis Green

A smooth talking, bundle of energy, who writes epic fantasy.

Aaron Bunce

A YA and speculative fiction author, whose talent rivals his height.

Jed Quinn

Speculative fiction author, who spans the ages and universe.

Cheryl Corbin

Contemporary YA author who pushes boundaries, aka R. J. Eliason.

Rachel Eliason

Sci-fi and fantasy author, R. J. Eliason, aka Rachel Eliason.

R.J. Eliason

Zombie loving, horror author, Rachel Aukes aka Berinn Rae, writer of romantic science fiction and fantasy.

Rachel Aukes

Stiletto Girl and southern fried romance author, C. Deanne Rowe.

C. Deanne Rowe

The quirky, humorous stylings of paranormal suspense author, Malynda McCarrick.

Malynda McCarrick

Saturday Writers

A group of awesome writers that I’m honored to belong to!

Saturday Writers

The ‘real’ Witchy Weeds.

Prairieland Herbs

The ‘real’ Udder Cravings.

Picket Fence Creamery