Welcome to The Meadows


Visitor Guidelines

Enter at your own risk

Stick to public venues

Taking souvenirs home is not advised

Keep all body parts to yourself

Avoid eye contact with Ens, it may be seen as a challenge

Avoid running, predators love a chase


Enjoy your stay!

  • “Let’s see, we’ve had fantasy stories set in pie shops, in nightclubs, now one set in… a hair salon.   A.R. Miller starts with a unique concept and fleshes it out well.” Dennis Green, Author of Traveler

  • “Miller’s story would resonate with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry series, but their voices are starkly different. Where Hamilton is dark and erotic, Miller has a fresh, lighter voice with a dollop of snark.” ~ Rachel Aukes, Author of the Deadland Saga

  • “The characters are bold and keep you interested.  Can’t wait for another one.” ~ C. Deanne Rowe, Author of Cowboy Temptation

  • “Loved the first book from this new author! I am instantly hooked by the voice of the author – fun, real, organic, and playful.” ~ Malynda McCarrick, Author of Cryptic Clues and Crazy People

  • “Miller’s terse, almost staccato, style paints a minimalist picture that describes everything, and holds the reader captivated right to the end of this fast-moving adventure.” ~ Little Free Library 6914